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Transmitting the seed part two

While in the previous note, I did a decent enough job identifying the object of my attention, I think I could be more clear regarding the inquiry.

In the map of overall human meaning making there is definitely an object known as the transmission between the spiritual teacher and the student. I would like to understand more about the nature of the human being who has “received” such transmission as compared to the human who has not. I think that by further understanding this dimension of the human experience, we can more fully and more compassionately embrace one another in our “perfection”.

So perhaps my questions are more to the tune of: what qualities arise in an individual who has successfully received such a transmission? What is the nature of a human species that does not have such a transmission? What about the nature of this transmission, or its seed make it desirable? Assuming we value the qualities within this structure, how can we better facilitate our embrace of it? Can this transmission be found outside of the student/teacher relationship? Can we foster its presence to become abundant?

That’s more, for now…


Transmitting the seed

I’ve just finished enjoying a consideration of the 20th installment of The Future of Love Tele-series titled: The Yoga of Love and Embodiment with Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder. In this conversation the guests discussed with the host, Mark Gafni the subject of transmission as it applies to spiritual practice and the importance of having a lineage and teacher. I have questions.

In “the West” we have long had a resistance to this idea of the guru or the master, choosing often to instead believe that we ourselves can learn anything we want and the usefulness of a teacher is limited to their “knowledge” of a subject. At least this archetype of an idea exists in my own subconscious and as such influences my thinking to some degree on the subject. To be fair, I have also been the student (subjective) of a teacher who was considered the transmission point of a number of traditional spiritual lineage. I worked with this teacher for nearly 8 years in close proximity and definitely had an experience of the value of getting out of my own way and surrendering to the “transmission” of what he had to offer. I won’t say today that I believe that there was or was not the transmission of a “seed”, or what that might mean. So this also is part of the DNA of my thinking on the subject.

My experience of this opportunity for transmission was many years ago and I am, in many ways, a much different person today. I have distinctly evolved relationships to “spirituality”, “meditation”, to “self”, to “the Kosmos”. Did I receive some “transmission” that has grown in me and is in some fundamental way responsible for the person I am today? Is it possible that I received a transmission at that time that is wholly irrelevant to the being I am today? If I in fact managed to receive no transmission, what is that that I might be missing today?

After listening to the conversation with three widely respected spiritual teachers, it seems of imperative value that anyone seeking the full experience of manifesting in their being must receive this “transmission” from a teacher of some kind. But what is the nature of this transmission? If you “get it” do you automatically “know it”? Can you “get it”, evolve, and need “it” in a more evolved form? Without it, what do I lack? Without it, what will be absent from my experience or capacities or “self”? Is it possible to evolve through known stages of development into those barely, or unknown without it? Is the nature of such a seed kosmically true in such a way that it can manifest within a being without a lineage transmission? If so, what is this that is born, this seed, within an individual?

I have questions.

What is this transmission? Do I need it? Where is it found? Do I have it? If so, is it contagious? Do I give it? If so, how?

In the dialogue, the subject strikes me as profoundly important for one such as I seeking to become deeply intimate with the depths of consciousness. Please come friends, and help me. What is your experience? Your thoughts, opinions, or interest in the subject?

Come Love, and Welcome.