Transmitting the seed part two

While in the previous note, I did a decent enough job identifying the object of my attention, I think I could be more clear regarding the inquiry.

In the map of overall human meaning making there is definitely an object known as the transmission between the spiritual teacher and the student. I would like to understand more about the nature of the human being who has “received” such transmission as compared to the human who has not. I think that by further understanding this dimension of the human experience, we can more fully and more compassionately embrace one another in our “perfection”.

So perhaps my questions are more to the tune of: what qualities arise in an individual who has successfully received such a transmission? What is the nature of a human species that does not have such a transmission? What about the nature of this transmission, or its seed make it desirable? Assuming we value the qualities within this structure, how can we better facilitate our embrace of it? Can this transmission be found outside of the student/teacher relationship? Can we foster its presence to become abundant?

That’s more, for now…

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