Reflecting outward…

In good Monday form, my energy today has been moving in an “outward” direction.” What do I mean by that?” I can hear you asking, Charles ;-).

To digress, for you other readers, for a moment; these writings I have begun here are a return in reverence to a project I undertook in 2013 and 2014. The project was called simply “Letters to Charles,” and was an acceptance of my dear friend Charles’s invitation to me to practice writing on a daily basis by sending at least 100 words to him by email.

Charles is a remarkable soul, and among many other things, a well read and accomplished writer in his own right. His daily replies to my letters served as an invaluable source of both encouragement and critique to help me hone not only the discipline of actually writing, but actually to hone the discipline of writing well. I do pray that these lines here reflect that, and not some terrible contradiction of that assertion. 😉

Today, Charles has stepped forward again with promise to read these words that I write and continue to offer some critique and encouragement. Perhaps I can let him off the hook soon enough, simply to pursue these writings and publish them myself to the vastness of space without any promise of readership required.

For now he has asked that I might consider “does that sentence really say anything?”. Indeed, a fine request.

So what do I mean when I say that my energy today has been moving in outward direction?

Take these writings for example. My intention is to publish today’s update to my most “active” website,, and to keep publishing these daily offerings of raw and unedited description and that more public facing platform. In this draft, I’ll refer you to a previous blog site where the eight articles written thus far in this initiative can be found,

The morning started with clerical tasks largely having to do with others and outside of the house. Telephone calls for car repair, emails for business engagements, and personal conversations for possible creative and public facing initiatives took up much of the early day. A fresh and easy morning with Greg and I found myself in the proverbial saddle at 8:45 AM – anything that early I always find energizing as I draw from it a sense of possibility for the day.

All of those tasks produced positive outcomes, contributing to the sense of an outward and expansive engagement.

As I moved out of the “clerical mode” the phone rang with none other than the great Charles Parcelle (see above) calling to share something of his recent discoveries on the matter of “irrevocable trusts.” This is is a concern I may have some use for and, knowing this, Charles was just calling to keep me up to speed. Fortunately for me, it’s never “all business” with Charles and I got to enjoy a bit more leisure in our time together as we playfully explored the matters at hand in our way of banter and exchange. Definitely an “outward” quality.

Moving from there I shifted gears directly into a conversation with a woman to whom I was directed by the deer and great Miss Cassandra (, Sian Welch, who runs a nonprofit in the LA area ( and has much experience – for better or for worse – with individuals in my situation (read quadriplegics with liquidity and longevity concerns.)

This additional “outward” expression was a delightful surprise as I was invited to consider the possibility that this time of transition for me might lead to a more creative and engaged partnership with her work, combining my concerns for housing and care, with possible opportunities to be of service to a wider community of individuals facing similar situations.

I will never cease to be amazed at the ways that the complexities of life (often referred to as “challenges”) so often hold for us the seeds of new opportunity. It truly is a matter of conditioning our own practice to hold our hearts, minds, and wills open to the ever renewed innocence of each successive moment.…

Next it was time for a little coffee on the veranda with Eleña. Our current arrangements have me seeing her only three times a week, leaving me with a greater sense of urgency to enjoy our time together while she’s here. What to say… Today we teased that she is my third daughter (after the one from birth, and another later informally adopted young caregiver) all now about the same age ranging from 24 to 28. Eleña moves now from the youngest in her blood family, to the eldest in her casual surrogate… I think in the interest of time for this little missive I will just lead you with encouragement to find out about and follow her artwork (

The rest of the day was spent in various writing projects, channeling my energy towards expressive invitations intended for the world. After inviting a client to my consulting services, I turned my attention on the foundations of a developing Course in Wisdom. This, like the subsequent projects was really less of an in-depth creation and more of an organizing force, capturing the big ideas, for work to come later in the week.

I did capture some more clarity and body around the subject of our MettaCare initiative (which I plan to publish here in the not-too-distant future) in preparation for some more conversations around that, again outward facing, later in the week.

I finished the day’s writing (other than this post), by continuing the autobiographical narrative description of my experience of day-to-day life from the perspective of quadriplegia and paralysis as an intended work to enroll a wider audience in participation with the trials, tribulations, and mostly richness found in that “complexity of life.”

Thank you once again, dear Charles, for your time and generous attention to these words. As promised, I’ll print them in bold text by email to you directly in hopes that that may be found a readable and accessible portal into their telling.


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Kabir is a writer, entrepreneur, visionary, and mentor in his 20th year of quadriplegic paralysis. A founding member of the Patient Pioneers at Project Apollo (how we met), graduate of the world-renowned Generating Transformative Change leadership development program with Pacific Integral, and the executive director of Open Field Awakening, he places his deepest embodied prayer and most sincere efforts towards the fruition of realizing an integral, ethical, and practical expression of impact in the world. View all posts by kabzj

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